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New River Furniture

The Outdoor Lifestyle Collection features premium-quality hardwood furniture made from the finest 100% genuine, natural Brazilian Cherry. Each annual season our lumber is hand-selected and this ultimately results in a better quality of timber – healthier wood, straighter grains and with less knots. Ideal for use in quality outdoor furniture. The timber is then kiln-dried in our own kilns to achieve the correct wood moisture content. Then, it is meticulously manufactured to exact mortise and tenon tolerances, both machine and hand-sanded and finally, hand-finished and packaged. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality in every step consistent with our standards.

Each of our products is designed for maximum comfort, built for durability and hand-finished for
long-lasting protection. This dense, beautiful wood, combined with our Rêve water-based finishes offer infinite decorating possibilities in your home and outdoor space. Mortise and tenon construction provide exceptional craftsmanship that is practically maintenance free for many years to come