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The vision of IndoSoul was born on the beaches of Bali, Indonesia in 2012. Bali is known to be the ultimate holiday go-to destination; with its relaxed outdoor living approach and warm sense of hospitality. It’s a destination that enriches the soul of those who have the pleasure of socialising,
hosting groups of people or simply basking in the great outdoors.

Whilst looking for the best possible outdoor living experience, grew the idea to provide the world with unique and modern outdoor furniture, that served the highest level of functionality for a variety of lifestyle needs.

Set on the strong belief that outdoor living should be an extension of indoor living, born was the idea for a range of outdoor patio products built to withstand all of nature’s elements, that could easily be envisaged indoors. And so, the journey began whilst continuing to pay homage to the soul enriching experience Bali had ignited.

To this day, IndoSoul’s passion for quality outdoor furniture is recognized by dealers and designers alike, for its unique approach to offer furniture that has heart and soul. Quality furniture that represents a deep artistic flair, modern edge and notably astute in its practical application.

Bound by a young, driven and dynamic team, IndoSoul’s strength is in its people behind the brand and ever-growing product line; that continues to push boundaries and be a strong contender in the market across the globe today.

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