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Care and Maintenance

Casual furniture requires maintenance and protection to ensure its long life. Left outside, it is exposed to harsh, damaging environmental elements such as extreme temperatures, sun, rain, and air pollutants. Also, Salt water, suntan oils, chlorine, human body oils, food and drink, can add to the deterioration. There are two ways to safeguard your patio furniture: Protective covers and outdoor furniture cleaner.

The Patio Collection Inc. recommends cloth backed reinforced vinyl covers. The soft shadow beige covers come in a variety of sizes. Patio furniture covers can be custom made to your size requirements if necessary.

Our vinyl reinforced covers serve as a buffer between the furniture and the harsh surrounding environment, while the soft cloth inner layer protects from scratching. Aside from the manufacturer' warranty against defects, The Patio Collection Inc. guarantees fabric material against cracking or disintegrating, for one year from the date of purchase.

Our special cleaner protectants are specially formulated to achieve maximum cleaning and protection on outdoor furniture with minimum labor. They are designed to penetrate oxidation and pollution buildup and have build in surfactants, which provide the right amount of moisture and enable thorough cleaning. Our cleaner protectant is both easy to use and versatile. Just apply full strength to surface and wipe or rinse clean.

Soap and water cleaning proves ineffective in achieving attractive end results, mainly because of the inability to penetrate plasticizer’s oxidation and pollution buildup. Our unique cleaner protectant provides the right amounts of moisture and enables thorough cleaning. This formula is not only great for routine maintenance of outdoor furniture, but also particularly effective in removing tough spots such as bird stains.




Our patio furniture is designed with beauty, comfort and long life in mind. However, even the finest outdoor furniture requires proper care to assure years of use. Keep your furniture clean. If left outside, clean weekly with our special cleaner to remove dust, dirt chemicals and oils. You can wax the frames every 3 or 4 months with a good car wax to keep them looking new. This will protect from oxidation, NEVER WAX TEXTURED, ANTIQUED OR WRINKLED FINISHES.

Teak is a natural material, which will change color with time and exposure to the surrounding climate. The exposed surface of timber will become a soft silvery grey in color. Many people like to maintain the natural silver grey color.


  1. To avoid the natural process of greying to your teak, which occurs to the wood as it gets in contact with the elements, you may strip away the greying with a weak bleach solution and the use of a soft brush. Rinse afterward with water. The original color will return.
  2. In order to maintain that original color of the teak, you may apply a well recommended teak brightener (apply in the direction of the grain in the wood), allow to dry and then apply the sealer. The sealer works as a sun block, as if coated with wax, for protection.
  3. Teak oil is recommended to be used only on furniture which is to be used exclusively indoors, or on outdoor furniture which has previously been treated with teak oil.